The hand-blown glass by historical methods is now called antique glass. Sollingglas refines the hand-blown glasses and drawn glasses to meet your specific requirements, especially for their use for restorations and glass art. For this purpose, we have developed a method of thermally tempering mouth-blown real antique glass in a way that mouth-blown antique glass becomes safety glass for the highest demands.

With our refined antique glass we meet 100% of your requirements such as monument protection, building regulations, energy efficiency, safety aspects and UV protection. In this way we prepare hot-forged glass and antique glass for use in churches, museums or other historic buildings. For example, in the Dresden Castle or the Dresden Semperoper.


For our customers, we manufacture traditional leaded glass, thin insulating glass and process antique glass into composite or thermally tempered glass. The technology of lead glazing allows almost all desired motifs to be realized, from classic faceted pictures to pictorial representations.
Preservationists, restorers, architects and property managers are available with all our know-how and many years of experience in dealing with glass, local sourcing and lighting effects. The optimal realization of the artistic idea, taking into account the best technical quality and functionality, has the highest priority. In order to achieve this, the material limits are repeatedly tested and often postponed further. Glass art and glass technology are closely connected, and the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

Safety glass

Due to the intensive cooperation between Sollingglas and the glassworks Lamberts, we were able to make the first attempts at the end of 2014 to temper mouth-blown restoration glass and antique glass. Countless series of experiments and the persistent development of what has already been achieved finally led to success. Restoration glass and hand-blown antique glass are thermally tempered at Sollingglas today according to their requirements and can therefore also be used as safety glass.

restoration glasses and laminated safety glass as insulating glass.
Antique glass for restoration
restoration glasses - from antique glass to safety glass - for the highest requirements in monument protection
restoration glasses - tempered hand-blown antique glass
restoration glasses - hand-blown insulating glass with UV protection
thermally tempered glass for restoration - from classic faceted pictures to pictorial representations


Restoration glasses and antique glasses that are used in fields in which safety glass is required can be tempered accordingly.

For further processing as laminate glass or laminated safety glass, suitable PVB or EVA foils are used. The use of special UV films is also a possibility to protect light-sensitive exhibits in churches and museums for example.

Glasmachermeister beim Aufblasen der Glaskugel
Qualitätsprüfung der Glastafeln
Aufgeschnittener Glaszylinder wird erhitzt und aufgeklappt


Leaded glazing and decor glasses with elaborate handcraft.

Various types of glass, with or without facet cut, are connected with lead wire. In this way, the desired motif is created bit by bit. The finished lead field is then cased with two flat glass panels in order to be protected.

Hand-blown antique glass as safety glass.

With thermally tempered glass, we achieve higher bending tensile stress and thermal strength. Our tempered hand-blown antique glass can be used for front or lantern glasses.

Historic tempered glass and laminated safety glass as insulating glass.

We also process our thermally tempered toughened safety glasses and laminated safety glasses in order to produce insulating glass. Very narrow spacers of 4 mm with corresponding gas fillings such as argon or krypton promote the heat-insulating property.

Benefit from the know-how of the best specialists in their field.

The cooperation of Sollingglas with strong partners such as renowned glassworks and universities enables a valuable transfer of know-how for the benefit of our customers.


We are your partner for all matters relating to restoration and antique glass. Contact us! As experts, you should talk to experts!

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