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Our vetroLoom laminated glass is manufactured from float glass, toughened safety glass or partly tempered single panes. The laminated photometric special woven fabric is embedded between PVB or EVA composite films and is therefore permanently protected.

The glass can be produced in any kind of cuts or model forms and assembled with commercially available fittings. The use of colored foils creates further diverse design options.

The actual design of vetroLoom results from the arrangement of the LEDs. They ensure the extraordinary liveliness of the illumination. Due to the LED-backlights in the surface or at the edge of the glass, the light points of the LEDs in the fabric become lines of light that curve into the depth of an imaginary space behind the glass.

The light structures created with the help of special lighting fabric allow shapes and bodies to emerge in different, fascinating forms whose optical depth is significantly greater than the construction depth. The use of RGB LEDs also ensures dynamic color changes and intensities.

The shape and characteristics of the light structures are furthermore dependent on the effect fabric used and on the arrangement of the light sources and the distance between the light sources and the glass. In addition, the light structures change with the viewing angle. Even if the depth effect of the light structures against a dark background is particularly pronounced, application in transparent windows or doors is also possible.

Overall, there are three different effect fabrics available for vetroLoom, which also come unlit with different looks and levels of transparency.

vetroLoom Verbundglas
vetroLoom Verbundglas
vetroLoom Verbundglas